Serving the whole child


Our Leander ISD team welcomes around 1,000 new students every year. While we are committed to managing this growth – most notably with our 2017 bond proposal that’s on the ballot this month – we remain focused on the individual needs of each student.

LISD’s Board of Trustees approved superintendent performance goals that call for academic growth and a focus on the whole child. Our teachers, counselors and principals implemented several programs to ensure every student receives the services they need to be successful.

Our teaching and learning team led training for Professional Learning Communities, which encourage our school communities to collaborate and focus on student success. Teachers and staff will formulate success plans for our children, offering enrichment, resources and social skills strategies as needed.

Elementary schools launched the Second Step program for social skills curriculum. Second Step supports instruction that fosters self-confidence, caring for classmates and bullying prevention.

High school counseling departments are focused on individual college and career planning, meeting with every child and his or her family this year. Counselors are meeting now with seniors and scheduling other grade levels through March.

Growth is good for a school district. As we add an estimated 10 new schools in the next 10 years, our teachers will continue to have a laser focus on the personalized learning every child deserves.

We are successful as a community when schools, neighborhoods, educators and parents work together for the welfare of all students. That’s how we truly become “1 community, 1 purpose, 1 LISD.”