Show The New Year Who's Boss—Sticking To Your Fitness Resolutions


(NAPSI)—Whether you are resolving to maintain a nutritious diet, lose weight or run your first marathon this year, managing your personal health is a common resolution that can be difficult to keep. Alan Lobel, a 70-year-old SilverSneakers member, set out to achieve his personal fitness goal nearly seven years ago, and is still going strong today.

Lobel started his fitness routine on a stationary bike in hopes of keeping the most important muscle in his body—his heart—healthy. Through targeted goal setting and dedication to improving his quality of life, Lobel made it his personal mission to ride 14,000 miles. Today, Lobel has surpassed his goal and shares he’s in the best shape of his life.

Sheri Pruitt, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Behavioral Scientist for SilverSneakers Fitness, shares that Lobel likely met his goal due to changing his everyday behaviors. “The secret to behavioral change comes down to setting a goal, monitoring your progress, arranging your world for success, recruiting a support team and treating yourself for your progress,” she explains.

If you are determined to get more active this coming year and achieve a new goal, like Lobel, the following tips from SilverSneakers Fitness may help you stay motivated and avoid resolution setbacks.

1. Set Goals You Can Reach

Set realistic and specific goals. For example, make a goal to walk 10 miles a week, or to exercise twice a week, and increase from there. Big commitments tend to be overwhelming and unsustainable.

2. Write it Down

If you want to stay committed to your fitness routine, plan for the week ahead and map out which classes fit into your schedule. Writing down the schedule will help you stay accountable for your goals.

3. Become an Early Bird

By waking up early and knocking out your exercise in the morning, you ensure that the day’s unexpected surprises don’t interfere with your exercise plans.

4. Make it a Date

Find a workout partner to attend classes with to ensure you stick to your goals. According to the SilverSneakers annual participant survey, 49 percent say the desire to spend time with other SilverSneakers members motivated them to exercise.

For more than 20 years, SilverSneakers has been helping older adults reach their fitness goals, maximize their health, maintain their lifestyle and improve overall well-being during retirement years.

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