Spring forward?


Daylight saving time is something that people love or hate depending on the time of the year. This weekend, we will be setting our clocks an hour ahead. However, this might become a thing of the past in Texas.

Three bills filed this legislative session aim to abolish the practice completely. 

State Rep. Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs filed House Bill 2400 to stop the bi-annual time change. He noted studies report that losing an hour of sleep is linked to a surge in car accidents and even heart attacks.

State Sen. Jose Menendez, D-San Antonio filed Senate Bill 238, an identical bill, to be heard in the upper chamber this session. State Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton, filed House Bill 95, also aiming to get rid of the time change. Flynn has already introduced such a bill, but House members voted 56-9 against the measure last legislative session. 

Many critique the bill since ending daylight saving time would result in Texans using more electricity and energy as it would get darker earlier in the evening. Additionally, those who enjoy outdoor activities might have to end them earlier for safety and visibility purposes. 

If the bill passes, Texas would remain on central standard time all year long, starting this November. For part of the year, this could be confusing for Texans who are trying to figure out what time a certain show is broadcasting on television. 

Daylight saving time was originally proposed by Benjamin Franklin so people could save money on candles. Are we really going to quit doing something that has been practiced for that many years? Several bills similar to these have been presented before to no avail.

At the time, Hawaii and most of Arizona are the only states that don’t observe daylight savings time. Texas does seem to enjoy being unique.