TEA updates rating system: New system has implications for Leander ISD


On Jan. 6, the Texas Education Agency will release a preliminary set of accountability ratings for school districts and campuses across the state based on the agency’s new A-F rating system. 

The public school accountability system change comes as a result of House Bill 2804 passed by the 84th Texas Legislature in 2015. It creates five domains of indicators that will be used to evaluate districts and campuses regarding three goals:

-Preparing students for postsecondary success.

-Reducing achievement gaps among students from different racial and ethnic groups and socioeconomic backgrounds.

-Informing parents and the community about district and campus performance.

The A-F ratings are different from the “met standard,” “met alternative standard,” and “improvement required” ratings given to school districts and campuses in previous years. The official 2016 state accountability rating for each Leander ISD campus and the district itself is “met standard.” The accountability system redesign replaces the four indices used to rate public schools with five weighted domains that will be used to evaluate districts and campuses.

According to Leander ISD, although the five weighted domains are very similar in title to the old four indices, the indicators and methodologies used for calculation are not equal. Because of this, a comparison of the indices and the domains is not applicable.

According to TEA, districts and campuses will receive a rating of A, B, C, D, or F for performance in each of the five domains and one for overall performance. A rating of A, B, or C is deemed acceptable by the state, while a D or F rating is considered unacceptable. 

This change prevents districts from receiving an overall or domain rating of A if any campus in the district has received a corresponding domain or overall letter grade of D or F.

TEA states that the new rating will reflect actual growth and give more transparency to the system. 

This system will be effective in the 2017-18 academic year, measuring student and district performance in the 2016-17 academic year.

The new system will be applied to each school district and campus based on 2015-16 data as a trial run. This data will be released Jan. 6. 

Those wanting additional information on the  A-F state accountability system can visit www.tea.texas.gov/2804implementation.aspx