Thankful for One-Pound Wonders


LEANDER - Over the past 19 months Jimmy and Michelle Hensel witnessed two miraculous journeys of their twin preemies who began lives at an astonishing one pound each.

Their story which won the Preemie Power Photo and Essay Contest in the 1-to-5-year-old category was shared with the world through the second annual community-wide Preemie Power Family Celebration organized by Hand to Hold, a local nonprofit that supports parents of preemies.

Here is the family's essay:

The One-Pound Wonders came into this world 16 weeks early weighing a mere 1 pound 2 ounces(Camdyn) and 1 pound, 8 ounces (Cade). From the first day of life, they had to valiantly fight off all the evil NICU villains, those malicious micro-preemie harmers - IVH, PDA, ROP, CLD, and the gang. After 133 days of continuous fighting, they left the NICU battlefield. The One-Pound Wonders encountered still more battles. They spent over a year fighting off the evil Feeding Fiend who caused them both to deal with major feeding issues. Cade used his magic g-tube portal to gain superhero strength to eventually conquer this evil enemy. Camdyn, although tiny, showed her fierce superhero powers to overcome this enemy on her own. The One Pound Wonders continue to gain strength and power in their superhero training camps, aka occupational, physical, and speech therapy weekly. They have left the world in awe of their amazing powers - the power to eat, breathe, walk, talk, and most importantly, live after being given only a 30-to-40 percent chance of surviving! The One- Pound Wonders have proven to the world that miracles exist.