The age of ‘easily offended’


Generation snowflake. The age of outrage. Butthurt. Pick your phrase, but that’s where we are.

We thought about running an April Fools’ Day editorial last week. However, we considered the amount of chaos that could have erupted from the readers who would be too offended to make it to the end and not realize it was a joke. 

America is a nation obsessed with getting hurt feelings. We seem to actually enjoy it. The outrage, the indignation, the utter excitement of a good defense. Whether it’s invigorating, or just plain infuriating, we gladly partake. 

This can be seemingly more and more complicated for news outlets, particularly in the age of constant saturation of information. We live in an environment where offense multiplies faster than rabbits and our warped perspectives leave us always on high alert. 

Do you have phrases memorized for your go-to points in an argument over millennials? Have you said “check your privilege” lately? Is the media out to get you? Are you so scared to be politically correct that you censor yourself to a point beyond recognition? Welcome to 2017.  

Maybe next year we will run that editorial anyway. 

And remember: Freedom of speech means nothing if you are afraid to speak you mind.