The coming spiritual tailwind


For the past year America has been fighting a headwind brought about by the struggle to preserve our American Democracy. As 2017 ended, we were given hints that the winds have shifted and we are gaining a tailwind.

This could mean that we will not be under so much stress about our future in the year ahead. This does not mean the end of conflict, but rather the changing winds will positively affect the outcome.

While at the United Nations in 1983 I got to hear Pandit Gopi Krishna address the Hopi Elders and 500 members of the United Nations Community about mankind’s continuing evolution. The next day I was given a one hour private audience with the Pandit.

Toward the end of that time, I asked this genuinely enlightened man what I needed to do to become enlightened myself. He looked me right in the eye and said: “Just this. Every day, as often as you can, think about God and God will take care of everything else.”

I have followed that discipline for 34 years and I can assure you it is one of the most powerful spiritual things one can do. I am not yet enlightened, but I have grown by leaps and bounds as a result of this practice.

As we begin this new year, I would like to share one of Pandi Gopi Krishna’s prayers for your consideration:

Prayer To The Lord

Help me, O Lord, unto the last
To speak the truth and do the right,
To heed the lessons of the past 
And keep the future well in sight.

I have no answer why and how
I find myself upon this scene,
With earth below and sky above,
And what does our existence mean?

Neither the wisdom of the wise
Nor all the books I can recall
The Coming Spiritual Tailwind

Could help me know or e’en surmise
What power is behind us all.

Help me, O Lord, to think aright,
And make my life a flame of love
To shed its luster, pure and bright,
In acts of service done above

The thought of self, of fame or gain,
Out of sheer love for humankind,
For soothing grief or healing pain,
Or brining comfort to the mind.

Few are the years allowed to us
To rise above our me and mine.
To think of self a little less
And a bit more of Thee and Thine.

A world in which each of us
Exists but for oneself alone,
Must end in sorrow and distress,
Selfish and callous to the bone.

The aim should be to make our life
A fount of happiness for all,
To keep aloof from lowly strife
And rise in action straight and tall.

It is not wise to act in haste
When we know little of our self,
We may then barter gems for paste
And sell our soul for sorry pelf.

Help me, O Lord, to spend my days
In thought and action, true to Thee,
And let me, like sun’s orient rays,
On every side, Thy glory see.

Then only my bound soul can rise
Beyond its chains of mortal flesh,
And win again the sovereign prize
Of life eternal, young and fresh.

-Gopi Krishna 1978

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