The God of more than enough


Your future is greater than your past. You may not think so, you may not feel like it, however, it is! God’s grace is sufficient for what you are going through. What you are facing today — this too shall pass. God is a God who is more than enough. The scripture is filled with promises enabling us to forgive, let go, move forward, enlarge our territory and press towards all God has set apart for us. 

God is a God who is more than enough and is not limited by your current situation or pass mistakes. God is the author and finisher of your faith. He is the master of new beginnings and the chief of igniting dreams and hope.

The Lord wants you to know today, there is more — more peace than what you may be experiencing, more resources than what is visible and more restoration than you can imagine. Sometimes life can feel like broken glass. God has a plan. Sometimes life can feel like a different world where you are pulled back and disassociated, just running through the motions.  God has a plan. 

Sometimes life can make you feel like you have lost your way and seeing a lighted path is out of sight. God has a plan and He has more than enough to get you to your next destination.  

There was a man in the Bible who was lame. He was intentionally positioned at the gate of Beautiful near the temple. People would look at him as they entered the temple, some would commonly pass by, others would have pity and give him spare change. One day, God showed him — He was a God of more than enough. The scripture tells us Peter and James were going to the temple to pray. As the lame man did with many others he spoke up when they passed by and asked for change. Peter and James responded to him, “silver and gold have I none, but such as I have in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk!” 

The Bible tells us, immediately the man was made whole. 

Today I tell you, rise up and walk in Jesus name! The cycle will change when you realize you were made for more. Allow Jesus to be Lord of your life. You were born for greatness. Your latter will be greater than your former. Your tomorrow will not look like your today. 

God has more for your marriage, for your family, for your career, for your health, your finances, your influence and your impact. Don’t be afraid to let go. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, that is pride. Don’t be afraid to reach out to God, even if it has been a long while since you’ve talked and it feels awkward. Don’t be afraid! God has more for you! 

More goodness, more grace, more mercy, more friendships, more love, more acceptance, more value, more enrichment, more of everything you need today, tomorrow and forever. 

When God speaks it’s not a suggestion, it’s a command. What or who do you need to forgive? What do you need to let go? What should you accept and move forward with? Step out of your comfort zone and say with me, I forgive. I believe your future is bright. I believe open doors are on the horizon. I believe you were born for greatness and God has more than enough waiting for you on the other side. 

Decide today to cross over, to turn the page, to forgive yourself and others. You are loved, appreciated, respected, reaching your dreams, and walking in Divine health. Because God is a God of more than enough!