Troxell presents ‘State of the District’: Growth, achievement and progress highlighted


Leander ISD Superintendent Dan Troxell presented the annual State of the District address at Hill Country Bible Church on Feb. 17. What’s on the horizon for Leander ISD? Growth, growth and more growth.

“I want to begin by saying that the state of the district is very strong,” Troxell said. “Leander is a leader in the public school system.”

The district currently has 4,938 employees, 2,717 of the employees are teachers. These employees serve 38,226 students. On average, there are 983 new students in the district each year.

Troxell said many people move to the area each year, specifically for the school district’s reputation. 

“We want them [the students] to learn academically while they are at school, but what we want most is for them to be loved, cared for and nurtured,” Troxell said. “I really feel like we do that.”

Leander ISD creates 130 jobs each year. Glenn High School’s opening this year created 78 jobs. 

In 10 years, Troxell said the school district will need 10 more schools: seven elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school.

“As we continue to grow we are going to be looking at our old facilities,” he said. “We will look at our existing buildings and see how we’re going to keep them in line with the new ones.” 

Three thousand, eight hundred seventy-five students took Advanced

Placement exams last year and 71 percent of those who took the exams earned college credit. The average tester took 1.8 placement exams. 1,426 students enrolled in dual credit courses in 2016. The average enrolled student earned 7.3 credit hours taking the courses. Austin Community College offered 90 dual credit classes to Leander ISD students tuition-free. 

“They [Austin Community College] are a great partner,” Troxell said. “We want to make sure are kids are college ready while they are still in high school.”

Troxell expressed the importance of extracurricular activities, saying that students can’t really get the most out of their education without becoming involved. Across the district, 83 percent of middle and high school students participate in extracurricular activities of some kind. 

The district operating budget for 2016-17 was $321,342,617. Leander ISD spends about $8,258 per student. 

“This is your district,” Troxell said. “We’re serving you.”