Tumble Tech gymnastics athletes reach for the sky


Tumble Tech opened in 2015 in Cedar Park with the mission of providing area athletes an aerial sports sanctuary and a positive environment for kids.

Recently, two of its young students, gymnasts Leah Partida and Hannah Rodgers, who were gold and silver medalists respectively on Trampoline for Level 5, 9-10 year olds in the 2018 Stars and Stripes National Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics Championships from July 20 to July 22 in Reno, NV, brought home medals in five categories. Both girls are 9 years old.

“I like working with the other athletes,” said Rodgers. “I know what I need to work on and where my body needs to be in the air.”

“I really like learning the skills in gymnastics,” said Partida. “Sometimes, it’s hard because you have a small square you have to land in, otherwise the judges deduct points. But, if you land in that square, it feels incredible.”

Rodgers has been involved in gymnastics for 7 years, starting her fourth competition season. Partida has been doing gymnastics for 5 years, beginning her third competition season.

More than 1,000 of the nation’s top Level 5-7 Junior Olympic trampoline and tumbling gymnasts competed in men’s and women’s trampoline, tumbling and double mini trampoline in various age categories. Partida and Rodgers practice 3 hours a day, 3 times a week at Tumble Tech.

“I really like the tumbling in gymnastics because it’s not as hard on the body as the bars are,” said Amy Holmes, Rodger’s mother. “It’s a lot more forgiving on the body and allows all body types, small or tall, to be successful. It’s a great way to stay fit and strong. There’s a lot of close-knit camaraderie because tumbling isn’t as big a sport as artistic gymnastics.”

“For Leah, I know this is her happy place,” added Mandy Partida, Leah’s mother. “I like to watch her be excited to learn tricks and accomplish those tricks. The competitions allow us to make friends outside of our gym and represent the gym the way Tumble Tech operates in the community.”

Leah also won gold on Double Mini Trampoline Level 5, 9-10 year olds, and finished in the top ten for Tumbling Level 5, 9-10 year olds.

“It’s fun to be able to compete against people who are not in our state or region,” said Holmes. “Every time, you get some butterflies about the competition, but you know they’re going to do great because they practice all the time. You’ve got thirty second to get it right. The girls get out there and do their best, it’s just great to watch.”

Hannah and Leah competed against 50 other girls during the 2018 Stars and Stripes National Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics Championships.

“We got to see some competition that we’ve never encountered before,” added Mandy. “It was exciting because they were the fourth group to perform. For me, I always say a prayer for the girls not to get hurt because of all the acrobatics they’re performing. From there, what happens, happens, but to see them come out and be successful is really exciting.”

Other athletes from Tumble Tech include Asher Franco, who won the silver medal on Trampoline, bronze medal on Tumbling, and finished in 4th place on Double Mini for Level 5, 11-12 year olds, Arianna Franco, who finished in the top ten on Tumbling for Level 7, 11-12 year olds, Lily Muzzy, who finished 17th of 47 on Double Mini Trampoline Level 6, 11-12 year olds, 19th of 43 on Trampoline Level 6, 11- 12 year olds, and 21st of 48 on Tumbling Level 5, 11-12 year olds. 

Tumble Tech is located at 1301 Toro Grande Blvd., Cedar Park. 

For more information about Tumble Tech’s gymnastics program, call 512-717-5040.