Wake up, it’s not too late


It is the beginning of the year and we are well into January. I want to encourage you it is not too late! It is not too late to wake up. It is not too late to begin again, dream again and live again.

2017 was a hard year. For some of you, 2018 has started out difficult. I want you to be certain of two things: God is for you. God is with you. I declare 2018 is going to be remarkable.

Many times, doubt, a judgmental attitude and unrelenting frustration can hinder you from possessing your promise land. Every victory is won through constant perseverance. In the book of Joshua, the bible teaches us the descendants of Joseph came to Joshua and told him why they believed they could not possess the land. The same land the Lord had previously said belonged to them.

Joshua first and foremost explained they lost their focus. The descendants of Joseph only saw barriers to their goal and lost sight of the outcome struggling through the means.

Joshua identified they were focused on the opponent’s great strength and iron chariots. Joshua refocused them and addressed what stood against them. The fact was they were strong. The fact was they had iron chariots. The reality is — truth overrides fact!

Let me explain. The fact was they were strong and had chariots but the promise from the Lord was they could and would drive them out and occupy the land. We must stand on the promises of God, every day, all day.

The fact is you may have been looked over for a promotion. Maybe you are walking through a terrible season — God is telling you today as you read this — refocus!

You are strong. You have Him on your side. Promotion, favor, clients and future vision is coming your way. Allow me to share a story with you about Jacob.

Jacob was a man in the bible who had a vision while sleeping. The Lord told him through the vision - the place you are sleeping on belongs to you. There was more to the vision, but I want to focus on the significance of that one piece. Notice Jacob was sleeping on the vision. He had a responsibility to get up and pursue the vision.
The increase that belongs to you, is for you. The harvest from your investments is for you. Do not sleep on your dreams — go after what God has placed in your heart.

Some of you may say, "Pastor Brown you do not understand, I have got knocked down so many times." I do understand and I’m here to tell you to get back up. You may have troubles but they will not last always. There is no earthly sorrow heaven can’t heal.

Do not allow the pain of tragedy and setback cause you to sleep on your dream. Do not be more comfortable with sleeping on the dream than possessing the dream. In the New Testament Jesus was called to pray for a young girl in need of healing. He went into the room, put every one out except for three disciples and said, “Talitha cumi,” which means damsel arise.

She woke up and Jesus told them to get her something to eat. You only eat so you can grow. It’s when we get up we are able to grow. Stop sleeping on the dream, refocus and possess the land. You could be one investment away. When Jesus was recruiting His disciples He came by Peter and his brother, asked them to launch out into the deep and let down their nets for a catch. Now at that very moment, they had just been out all night and caught nothing. Peter decided he would follow through. They went out and caught so much they had to call all the other ships to assist with the catch. You see they went to sleep on their dream but the Word woke them up. What is it that you need to do, to see your dream come to pass this year?

I want to remind you what Joshua said, you are strong and you will be able to drive out the enemy. You are strong and you will acquire the promotion. You are strong and you will be able to send your child to the college they dream of. You are strong and you will be able to acquire the clients you need for your business. You see the object of life is Jesus and the objective is His will. Today, don’t allow the past to be an indicator of your future. Refocus, wake up, and take all that belongs to you. You are loved, appreciated, respected, an overcomer, victorious, full of His wisdom, and reaching your full potential. Wake up, it is not too late!

God Bless,

Pastor Mark Brown 

Mark Brown is the senior pastor of Faith City Church in Williamson County.  His passion is to encourage people to reach their full potential in Christ, reaching out with Christ’s message of life and hope.  Mark can be contacted at info@faithcitychurch.tv.