What freedom means


The fourth-grade teachers at Camacho Elementary spent nine weeks teaching lessons to help students understand the meaning of the word freedom. The final step was the reflection piece. Below are examples of students’ thoughts about the process of our journey:

“After working on our Freedom Project I felt proud because I realized that we made a big difference in a lot of people’s’ lives by dancing our dances, singing our songs, performing our play, that we made many people cry by understanding the meaning of freedom.

One thing I know is that we can make a huge difference in many people’s lives by just simply performing our play explaining how founding fathers developed our Constitution.

I liked this project because it makes me feel important.  Like I can make a difference, as the next generation, by understanding the meaning of this very simple word freedom.

But, its meaning is much more complex than just the word.

I think many people who saw these things smiled, cried, or simply thought, ‘God bless the U.S.A.’”

– Meadow Stevens

 “After working on our freedom project I feel proud of myself because I did all my work, and I understand the word freedom. One thing I liked was that I now understand the word freedom. And I like learning about many people who have served in war. I liked this because when I’m older, kids will look at me and go, ‘I want to learn about that, can you teach me?’ The most important thing about this project was learning about people who have served in the military like the navy and Marine Corps. I think this because my dad’s dad was in the navy and would like to honor him, and I’m very glad that he is still living with me today.”

– Lucy Neiderhauer

“After working on our Freedom project I feel hopeful because I now know that I don’t have to be afraid because there are always people like veterans, who will take care of me no matter what happens.

One thing I liked was on Fridays all of 4th graders got to have the privilege of hearing veterans’ stories. I liked this because the veteran might not be alive, but alive or dead they’re always a hero. We learned they all have a different story of how they fought, how they served, and how they died. I think this because if we don’t know the true meaning of freedom we will not be grateful for the freedom we have today. We wouldn’t be thanking the veterans that are still alive and those veterans that fought really deserve one simple, “Thank you for your service.”  That simple ‘thank you’ shows that you know that Freedom doesn’t come free, you have to fight for freedom.”

– Isabel Mahan

“After working on our Freedom Project, I feel like I now know what the word freedom means that will last my whole life. We have done so much in this project. One thing I liked was all the guest speakers teaching and informing us about America and the people who served. And, we made people cry with our play on Veterans Day.”

– Alex Lucero