Where do we go from here?


Judging by the vote totals across the country Tuesday in the presidential election, there are probably more than 55 million truly disappointed Americans today.

Anyone looking for a mandate will have to look to the next election, and that brings us to the dreaded words “inclusion” and “compromise”.

A two-party political system has set us on a course for today, and here we are crashing down in a place where there is not enough of a majority to lead the way comfortably, and a divide wide enough to keep the two sides from ever seeing the same problems.

This is no recipe for healing, rebuilding or strengthening our democracy. If we want to continue to play the political game where one side rams rules and belief systems down the other sides’ throats, then we are poised to succeed.

Did your side win or lose Tuesday? If it won, congratulations, you bear the biggest burden. It is your job to reconcile and include the other side. The price of not doing so is to carry the fear that one day you will be on the outside looking in and wonder why you are not being invited to the table and seeing your own beliefs respected and protected.

The losing half of the country can’t stonewall as a defense mechanism. The winning half can’t steamroll the other. These approaches have been tested and failed to produce results aside from strengthening parties over the nation as a whole.

So where do we go from here?

Who is going to begin the process of political healing in this country and encourage us to listen more than we speak, think more than we react and remember first and foremost we are all Americans?

A country with half its population left out of the process is a country ripe for failure and deeper division that will only make healing that much harder down the road.