Who will win the 'Game of Thrones'? The case for Daenerys Targaryen


Her "children" are weapons of mass destruction. She commands an army of steely eunuchs and horseflesh-eating barbarians. She's bedded the King in the North and bent his knee. Still not impressed? She's fireproof. 

No one is better suited to rule and protect the Seven Kingdoms than Daenerys Targaryen, which may be the kiss of death considering that "Game of Thrones," like Queen Cersei, has a history of killing off the most valiant of characters for sport.

Khaleesi, however, is a warrior for our times. She frees slaves, fights an abusive patriarchy, uplifts the downtrodden and makes the 1 percent pay ... dearly. She's a benevolent queen who flames the competition.

She also looks fantastic in around-the-castle tunics and leather battle gear. But like Dany, let's stay focused on what's important: defeating the Night King.

Dany has a birthright to the throne, as does everyone else lined up outside of Kings Landing like planes waiting to land. But she's different from the rest of the castle-seeking crowd, and not just because she has the best hair of any character.

She's a strong woman and freedom fighter who slays for the people. She's been vulnerable and unsure of herself, made mistakes that got her devoted followers killed, been rash when doling out deadly punishment (sorry, slave masters crucified in Meereen) and possesses an ego primed to expand at the prospect of total power.

But now that she's hooked up with another rightful heir to the throne, she may be willing to share power if it means the survival of the realm. Or not. But does it matter? The girl with the most dragons should always win.