Who will win the Iron Throne in 'Game of Thrones'? Wicked, vengeful Cersei Lannister


Cersei Lannister is not a nice person, and in the brutal world of "Game of Thrones" that's a powerful advantage. 

As she told her brother (and lover) Jaime, "I don't care about checking my worst impulses. I don't care about making the world a better place. Hang the world."
No kidding.

Cersei has been Queen of the Seven Kingdoms ever since she blew up the Sept of Baelor, slaughtering her daughter-in-law Margaery with many other innocent people — prompting Tommen, her last surviving child, to kill himself in despair.

Her alliance with Euron Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands, has made Cersei an even more formidable military foe.

Now, either pregnant with her fourth child or just pretending to be, Cersei was last seen telling her lover/brother Jaime she was lying about that whole truce thing.

She's also got nothing to lose: Her children and father are dead, and she's been abandoned by her soul mate. There's nothing scarier than a vengeful Cersei. And while it would be anti-climactic for her to maintain her hold on the Iron Throne, I wouldn't hate it if Cersei prevailed.

As the show's bodies piled up, nearly all her rivals have caught up to her in sheer ruthlessness. Daenerys burned people alive for crossing her. Arya served Walder Frey a pie made out of his own sons. Cersei isn't an evil outlier anymore.

But the real reason I will root for Cersei, until what I'm sure will be a bitter end for someone, is because she is such a wicked pleasure to watch. And all credit goes to Lena Headey, who brings wit, humanity and empathy to a character who could be pure camp. Long may she reign!