WilCo animal shelter needs to find homes for 100 cats in 3 days

Adoptions for cats and kittens are being offered for $1


For the first time in years, Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter has too many cats in need of adoptive or foster homes, officials announced Wednesday. 

In a Facebook post Wednesday evening, the shelter called upon the community to assist in adopting its animals this weekend for $1.

“We are facing a heartbreaking decision,” the post reads. “Find adoptive or foster homes in 3 days for 100 cats, or euthanize healthy cats because we simply do not have the capacity to care for them.”

Almost immediately, members of the community started calling in and asking how they could help the shelter out, said Misty Valenta, community programs coordinator. 

“The response has been amazing,” she said. “We have an awesome community. That’s why we do posts. We’re not mandated to do no kill, but we do it because we think it’s right. We only do it when we’re absolutely in need and they know that. They come on out to help us.”

Valenta said the shelter’s lobby was full with people looking to adopt all Thursday afternoon, and the they’ve had about 15 cats go into foster care and 10 adoptions made so far. 

The shelter is classified as open intake — meaning they accept strays and abandoned cats and dogs — and has taken in about 1100 more cats this year than last year, Valenta said. The shelter now has 220 cats, and only 93 cat kennels. However, the shelter takes in strays and abandoned animals every day. It’s been a no-kill shelter for six years. 

In addition to cats being available for adoption for $1, dogs can be adopted for $10 this weekend, too. All animals available for adoption are microchipped, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and tested for common health ailments. Cardboard pet carriers can be purchased at the shelter for $3.99, but personal carriers are recommended.

Pictures and descriptions for the available pets and applications for fostering animals are available at the shelter’s website, www.pets.wilco.org.

The adoption promotion will run through Sunday. The shelter is open Monday Through Friday noon to 6 p.m., and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. 

“This is a great weekend to come out and adopt,” Valenta said.