WilCo sues big pharma over opioids


Like a number of Texas counties, Williamson County last week filed a lawsuit against the makers, distributors and retailers of pharmaceutical opioids.
The lawsuit, which was filed in the a Williamson County district court, alleges the county has spent and continue to spend a great deal of money fighting the public health crisis resulting from negligence and fraudulent marketing these companies have assayed.
Included in the lawsuit are major retailers like CVS, Walgreen’s and Walmart, along with manufacturers like Purdue Pharma, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Johnson & Johnson, Endo Health Solutions, Abbott Laboratories, Knoll Pharmaceutical and others.
According to the lawsuit, the county claims that opioid use and addiction in Williamson County has driven  health care costs higher and affected the county’s child protection agencies by increasing the number of children in foster care because their parents are coping with addiction.
Though the suit says the county is still calculating how much damage has been done by opioids there, they say the damages will be more than $1 million and less than $100 million.