You are a cut above


You are a cut above. Almighty God has anointed you and created you to excel.  A cut above means you stand out.

The Bible tells us of a man named Daniel. Daniel operated with an excellent spirit. This caused him to be promoted above others. When God’s spirit rests on you, you stand out as a cut above the rest.

In life, we will encounter opposition. When a spirit of excellence rests on you, it can cause you to see things from a different perspective. The life lenses you utilize are different because of the favor you have experienced. Never allow the pressure or pains of life to outweigh the promise God has for you. The cream always rises to the top. As a cut above the rest, whatever comes your way, push through and rise. 

Think of it like this: The higher elevation you climb, the less oxygen there is, and the pressure is increased. If you were to travel to the depths of the ocean floor, you would not have oxygen and the pressure is extremely dense. Both situations require oxygen.  Both require a way to release the pressure. 

God’s word releases your pressure. God’s word is like oxygen to your system. You inhale the Word and exhale the Word of God. The enemy’s job is to discourage us to land our plane and dock our boat. 

When will you say no to dream stoppers and vision crushers? You feel at the bottom of the ocean, speak God’s word. It’s your oxygen.

You may feel the pressure from excelling and advancing, with need to perform and meet metrics. Speak God’s Word.  It’s your oxygen. 

When you were born, God installed a spiritual hard drive with in you.  You were made to outlast the traps of the enemy, fight off every virus and rise above defeat. The scripture tells us we are to walk by faith and not by sight. 

The Hebrew word for excellence is yattiyr, and it means pre-eminent, surpassing, extreme and extraordinary. Daniel had a pre-eminent, surpassing, extreme, and extraordinary spirit that rested upon him.

The extraordinary caused him to excel in all he was responsible for. The Bible tells us the gifts and talents you have are without repentance. You have been gifted.  Run with what you have been called to do. The gifts you have, are what God gave you.  

Don’t disregard your purpose.  It’s those who recognize who they are who change the game. God brings increase, favor, and we have a responsibility to operate in excellence. 

The Bible tells us that God rescued Daniel from the lion’s den. God sent an angel and shut the mouth of the lions.

I pray every lion that has whispered in your ear be silenced. I pray every voice that tells you, you are not good enough, you will not succeed or excel be silenced. God’s Word prevails. His promises outweigh pains. God says you are a cut above the rest. Go after your dreams. Fight for you destiny. You are loved, appreciated, highly favored, over comer, victorious, winning, and a cut above!