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Y’all know that the kind of toxic, partisan rancor on display at the Cedar Park and Leander city council meetings the last few months is not normal. Right?

It’s not normal. In fact, it’s not even done.

It’s not normal. In fact, it’s not even done.

We are all in this together, all of us living on this tiny blue ball falling around an insignificant yellow star at the edge of a galaxy’s spiral arm. more
It’s not often that I am at a loss for words. But, here we are … early on a Tuesday morning, decidedly past my deadline, and I remain at a loss.Saturday morning, I was all set. I knew that I … more

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says he might adjust Senate rules if the GOP majority shrinks — the better to bring Republican legislation up for debate when Democrats object. What's so surprising about that?

So, how’s your quarantine going? more
I know when this year got wrapped around the axle. It was that culture war over a danged chicken sandwich. That’s when this year went off the rails.According to this itinerary, the one on this … more
It is an all hands-on-deck operation in Williamson County. Despite having to close some of our non-essential offices to the public for safety purposes, county business has not stopped and instead … more
With a full day remaining before the Iowa caucus, the field in the Democratic Primary has already narrowed. After a long race of fluctuating candidacies, we’ve returned to the two nationally … more
With local coronavirus infections and deaths spiking locally, every mayor in Williamson County on June 30 responded by passing new emergency orders mandating commercial businesses must require … more
This quote flitted across my mind as I listened to the brief back-and-fourth between WilCo commissioners Cynthia Long and Terry Cook last Friday. more
There’s a new-ish phrase making the rounds along with the pandemic and all of the protests and rallies against police brutality.“De-fund the police.”Yes, some people are calling to abolish the … more
The process of making city government sausage is supposed to be boring. It’s not supposed to be a fast-moving, thrill-a-minute, train wreck that throws accountability and good sense under a partisan bus. more
Why have most of us forgotten about space travel? Like it was some fad in the 60s. Like it was some pointless distraction of our world and its problems. But think about it, how many times a day do … more
I was so impressed with this young woman (Anabelle Shores) as she raised this Champion Broiler from a little chick in her garage. She took such good care of the many chicks that this Champion … more
Voter suppression, incompetent administrators, dirty political tricks, and misinformation and political rhetoric attacking the results of elections present threats to elections and democracy, a new book argues. It came out on the day of the Iowa caucuses. more
Saturday was moving along quite well when the news about another mass shooting — this one in Midland and Odessa — battered its way to the top of my social media news feed.I had a Beto moment … more

Reopening Texas businesses in a contained way gives the appearance of thawing out a frozen economy while keeping crowds at bay. That might make people feel better, but it's no way to supercharge an economy.

Everyone talks about the power of the Republican and Democrat party establishments.It’s real - just ask Bernie.He quickly found out how powerful the Democrat establishment is this week when Mayor … more
We are still at the early stages of the novel coronavirus epidemic with new cases daily throughout the United States. But there are unknowns that limit what scientists, public health officials and … more
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