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Austin's homeless residents say Abbott's intervention is a short-term setback without a long-term solution

TxDOT began removing property and debris from under Austin's highways as the number of places Austin ordinances let homeless people camp dwindles.

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Texas House panel considers fixes for glitches in school finance law

Educators and advocates pointed out several errors in the massive school finance law passed in May that have resulted in confusion for school districts.

Texas has the most people without health insurance in the nation — again

For the second year in a row, the number of Texans without health insurance increased, and fewer people enrolled in Medicaid.

Gov. Greg Abbott issues 8 executive orders aimed at stopping potential mass shooters

The orders focus largely on improving reporting channels when members of the public or law enforcement agencies worry that a person might be a threat to commit violence.

Reports: Odessa shooter bought gun via private sale without background check

ABC News reported that the shooter had failed a previous gun purchase background check because he had been diagnosed with a mental illness.

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Fed is headed for two quarter-point rate cuts this year: Survey

Economists now expect the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates multiple times this year – coming round to the view held by investors, though they haven't gotten all the way there …

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