Cedar Park flag unveiled


Cedar Park raised its flag for the first time during the city’s Annual Holiday Tree Lighting and Santa’s Workshop at Heritage Oak Park on Friday. Fireworks shot out as the flag was unfurled from a 100-foot fire engine ladder in front of nearly 2,000 locals. 

The Cedar Park flag is the result of a community-wide project that launched in April when the Cedar Park City Council called for residents to submit designs for an official city flag.

“We received so many great and thoughtful submissions,” Mayor Matt Powell said during the unveiling.  “We saw fantastic artwork, we read incredible descriptions, but most importantly, we found out in so many instances what Cedar Park really means to all of you.”

The new Cedar Park flag consists of a blue rectangle, a green rectangle, and a white line with four X’s.  But why? What is the meaning behind this flag?

The blue rectangle represents the creeks that run through Cedar Park, welcoming early settlers who thrived in the city. The green rectangle references Cedar Park’s natural park lands, as well as growth and prosperity. The four X’s represent the four names the area has held in its history: Running Brushy, Buttercup, Brueggerhoff and Cedar Park.  The white line symbolizes transportation, including the railroad that runs through Cedar Park as well as Bell Boulevard and Whitestone Boulevard.  According to city staff, the white line with four X’s also references barbed wire which drove one of Cedar Park’s very first industries: cedar fence posts, and is a nod to both Texas independence and the pioneering spirit represented in Cedar Park. 

About 250 community members submitted flag designs for this initiative. The Cedar Park City Council formed a subcommittee to identify recurring elements, colors and symbols from the submissions. Cedar Park’s Catherine Van Arnam’s design was selected as the basis for the new flag. Recurring elements, colors and symbols from other submissions were incorporated into the final design. Van Arnam was honored at the event with a proclamation from Mayor Powell.  

“My family and I are so thrilled and honored to be part of this moment in the history of our cherished Cedar Park,” Van Arnam said. “Cedar Park is an amazing place to live, work and play.  I hope people are inspired to remember our history, what makes us so wonderful today, and what will continue to help us thrive in the future when they see this flag flying proudly.” 

The Cedar Park flag is now waving proudly at city facilities and H-E-B Center at Cedar Park. The City has some small flags and promotional items on-hand will soon be able to purchase flag apparel and other flag merchandise online at the city’s website.