Cedar Park PD gets new training facility


Police need to make split-second decisions in dangerous situations. A high-tech gun range will soon be operational to help Cedar Park police think faster and smarter.

“We’re the first department in Texas to have this system,” Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix said.

The 800-square-foot building packs two lanes for target practice and includes an interactive Milo Range simulator to virtually expose officers to scenarios they’d encounter in real life. While using the simulator, police will train their way through more than 400 scenarios, dealing with anything from domestic disputes to the active shooter in a school. 

“This provides a quality and realistic experience to the officers,” Mannix said. 

According to Mannix, the goal of this new training is to allow members of his department to think about what they did right and what they could have done better.

“After situations we go over the things we could have done differently,” he said.

“This way we can practice with things that haven’t already happened in real life.” 

Additionally, officers will not have to make their normal trek to Hutto to keep up with their firearms qualifications.

“Our annual qualifications will now be quarterly qualifications,” Mannix said. “We are providing our citizens with the very best trained officers in the state.”

The facility cost $470,000 and was funded with money Cedar Park Police didn’t use in last year’s budget. Other locals police departments will be allowed to utilize the training under the supervision of the Cedar Park Police Department.