CPHS student paper ranked nationally


The Wolfpack, Cedar Park High School’s online student newspaper, last week reached No. 1 in the national rankings by the website Best of Student Newspapers Online. 

SNO aggregates more than 340 online school newspapers and generates weekly rankings.

“(This) has taken the entire school year to achieve,” said Deana Trautz, the Wolfpack’s editor-in-chief. “We have a staff of 12 people and had to earn six complex badges in order to be deemed a Distinguished SNO newspaper site. This is a great honor for our newspaper!”

The rankings can and do change frequently, based on other school’s submissions and the frequently-changing nature of published content. 

The Best of SNO website had published more than 1,100 student-written pieces as of last week, with 349 schools participating by submitting their content. 

Sixteen of the stories submitted by Wolfpack writers were accepted and published at the Best of SNO website,

“We worked tirelessly to achieve this, and it means a lot to us and our school,” said Trautz.