Early voting requirements and information


The Nov. 8 election is just around the corner. Early voting will take place beginning Oct. 24 and ending Nov. 4. Fifteen permanent early voting locations will be available throughout Williamson County, but mobile sites are also accessible. Come Election Day, 61 polling places will open. 

According to county staff, Williamson County anticipates its highest voter turnout to date as about 300,000 citizens registered to vote in the county. In order to make the voting process as smooth as possible, all registered voters should be sure they are prepared with the proper documents before heading to the polls. A photo identification is required. Acceptable photo identifications include a Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, a United States passport, a DPS-issued Texas license to carry a handgun or a United States military identification card containing your photograph.

This year, Williamson County elections officials included a mapping application to their website that allows voters to put in their location and find the closest poll to them. The application will estimate wait times for the various locations. Mobile locations will be open for one day at a time at each location, during the entire early voting period. A complete list of times and places is available under the elections section at wilco.org.

For more information on voting  in Williamson County, visit wilco.org/CountyDepartments/Elections