Eli Young Band comes to Cedar Park to perform at the HEB Center


The Eli Young Band will be performing at the HEB Center in Cedar Park, T.X. on the 7th of November. The Texas natives have been touring with Chris Young, on the fall leg of the Raised On Country World Tour 2019. With their newly released single, “Break It In”, The Eli Young Band has been on the music grind for 20 years now. “Break It In” is just the beginning in this country bands new chapter, as they continue to produce new material, while touring on their rigorous schedule.

The Eli Young Band's drummer, Chris Thompson, goes into detail about their 20 year long journey, coming together as young college students at North Texas, to country superstars, and how their new single, “Break It In”, sums up the rollercoaster of a ride it's been for this band of brothers.

“”Break It In” really exemplifies what we have gone through the years, there's been ups and down, but in the end, we’ve always been there for each other,” Thompson says, “We have seen so many bands in this industry come and go, and I think we got those little petty arguments out of the way early on. Small fights that have broken up bands, we’ve got through those and just focused on the music.”

The Eli Young Band’s single follows a list of number ones that the band has released over the years, such as “Crazy Girl” and “Even If It Breaks Your Heart”, this single resonates more with the band as they look back at everything they have gone through for 20 years. As the lyrics explain, everything takes time, and everybody needs time to get use to new things.

“I think this song really tells the story to our fans that this is what we have felt going through this process, as they have grown with us over the years,” Thompson says, “and that's the exciting thing about playing back here in Texas, is that these fans know our story.”

As the band approaches their performance at the HEB Center, they appreciate the atmosphere that the state of Texas has allowed them to grow, and establish themselves.

“No matter where we play in Texas, be it El Paso, Dallas or Austin, it always feels like home.” Thompson says.