Faith Roundtable: With all of the Christmas commercialization, how do you (the church) balance the true message and importance of Christmas with the enjoyment of all the commercial part that sweeps most of us up?


My spouse and I enjoy buying Christmas gifts.  In fact, she’s the one who put the joy in it for me because she loves giving, all forms of giving; time, money, herself.  Her generosity is contagious.

I didn’t learn the joy of giving from commercials, jingles, or force-fed “Merry Christmas” diatribes. I learned the joy of giving from someone who, well, had the joy of giving.

So, if giving stems from a place of joy and generosity, the commercialization of Christmas is easier to overcome than not.  If giving grows out of a place of gratitude, then Christmas presents feel more like the gift of love I would like them to be.  If giving comes from a place of “want to” instead of “have to”, then the commercialization falls on deaf ears.

I love Christmas because my spouse is full of love and shows it through her loving kindness. Ain’t no commercial gonna’ touch that.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

Seasons Greetings.

Feel the Love.


Rev. Mary Wilson is pastor of Church of the Savior in Cedar Park, which is affiliated with The United Church of Christ, American Baptist Churches - USA and The Alliance of Baptists.