God’s plan for your success


Do not settle for a portion of the vision God has given you. The dreams, sparks of genius, creativity, ingenuity, the vision, plans, the strategies for execution; He wants to see the vision come to pass. 

If God placed a vision in your heart, He will finance it, open doors and cancel out every plot, ploy and plan of the enemy. Keep your faith stirred up despite what you see, despite what you face. Faith without works is dead. Sure, there will be opposition, but every dream is worth the fight. God is faithful to give you, insight for oversight.

In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter three verse two, the Lord said; “Do not be afraid of him, for I have given you victory over Og and his entire army, and I will give you all his land…”

When God makes a promise, He doesn’t halfway it through or deliver up portions and call them whole pieces. God is a God of excellence and delivers an entire promise. 

You might feel you are way off from reaching your goal. Maybe it seems the dream is too big, or the benchmarks are too high. God is a way maker. He’s a miracle worker. He provides, and His sustainability is supernatural.

Sometimes, we think we are on course but get caught up in the day to day tedious tasks and end up down the wrong path. When we are off course, He can realign. Adjustments aren’t always comfortable, but they are necessary. Do not compromise to see the promise come to pass. Do not fear, procrastinate, make excuses or give up because the assignment is too great. God is able, and He has equipped you.

Repositioning is also critical. It’s required as we mature through life stages. God wants you to acquire all of your promises. Do you need to reposition some things in your life? Many times, we fail to reposition and end up settling. The level you are at is not the level you were intended to end on. I encourage you to level up! If that requires education, do it. If that requires courage to carve out a position or put in longer hours, do it.

Preparation is key for success in life. In football, the players condition before hitting the field for practice with pads. In your career, you prepare with education and experience. For birth, you prepared prior to labor and likely nested; preparing the whole house. Before a presentation you prepare and so it is in the kingdom. Prepare for the vision God placed in your heart. Invest towards your destiny.

Your family, future, and nation are depending on your arrival — of promise, fulfilled destiny and greatness. Your promise has solution others need, hope they will find, stability they can count on and settling or giving up isn’t an option for you. 

God’s timing has been preset. The call of God on your life, the dream in your heart, the vision you can’t let go of — no plot, ploy or plan of the enemy can stop or delay the timing of God. Settling will never quench your thirst. Only fulfilled destiny can quench your thirst. Stay focused.

When the children of Israel finally took possession of the land, they experienced God’s favor, presence, peace, and victory. Joshua told the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh they would drive out the enemy even though the enemy was strong. Today, I declare victory over your life. I speak to dreams to come to life and be fulfilled. As we approach the last month of summer close doors of defeat, discouragement, giving up and decide to pursue the promises of God for your life. You are loved, appreciated, respected, highly favored, overcoming, victorious and winning in life. Go and take the land!

— Mark Brown is senior pastor of Faith City Church.