Move on, move forward with life


Every chapter of our life has a purpose and a reason. Just as chapters open and close, they are designed for moving on and moving forward.

In the bible, there was a man by the name of Isaac. Isaac was the son of Abraham. God told Isaac to stay in a certain area. Isaac obeyed, and in the midst of his obedience he encountered opposition. An enemy of his father stopped up wells that were intended for his provision and prosperity. Isaac started digging up the wells, and at first things seemed fine, but he ran into various problems. There was much contention and strife. Isaac decided to move to another spot and dug again, but the same opposition occurred. In spite of frustration, disappointment and discontent, scripture tells us Isaac abandoned those two wells. He moved on and dug again.

Sometimes, staying to fight is essential. Other times, knowing when to move on is equally important. The reason Isaac had to move on was because he needed to abandon the pain of the past. He spent countless hours of energy and resources. He had to reconcile within himself that moving on was better than holding on. It was more advantageous to move on and dig again. When he dug his next well, the bible says it was more than enough for his family and servants. In fact, it is still here today, and it's called Rehoboth, which means more than enough.

God wants you to move on to places of more than enough in your marriage, career, health, economy, emotions and in every area of our lives. Choosing to move forward from a well does not mean you gave up. It’s implementation of a new strategy.

You are saying the dream is worth it! I will not quit. I will not give in. I will not be swayed. I will not fail. I will not allow delays and confrontation to hold me back from accomplishing the dream. It is not worth holding on to the pain and failure of the past.

Isaac never abandoned the dream. He abandoned the frustrations of the past. For us to move on, we first must abandon what is keeping us from moving on. Have you ever started a project and never finished? Was there something that hindered your progress?

Some people have difficulty moving on because they continue to regurgitate the past. They won’t let go of what used to be and instead of it being a point of reference, an experience, something you moved past — it becomes a strong hold. Moving on means you stop regurgitating what use to be. To abandon means to leave and let go of anything that would associate you with those areas.

Don’t abandon your dream. Abandon the pain of the past. Pain keeps us up at night. Pain causes future fear, worry and anxiety. It can cause you to make decisions and choices that are not healthy, and ultimately cause you to quit on your dream. Isaac did not abandon his dream. The dream was a promise God would bless him and cause his family to be blessed. What promise has been spoken over your life?

Regardless if it’s been two, three or four wells, do not hesitate to dig again. Do not give up. Do not give in. Do not look back. Your marriage is worth fighting for. Your career is worth chasing. Your family is worth fighting for. Your dreams are worth chasing.

You did not come this far to quit. You did not come this far to abandon the investments you have made into your dreams! President Abraham Lincoln lost most of his political races. His son died and his first love passed away before he could marry her. In fact, he was bankrupt for 17 years. That is rough! Loss brings hardship whichever way you shake it - but Honest Abe became President Abraham Lincoln. He was born for greatness and aside from becoming president he put into place the Emancipation Proclamation.

You see, God pre-ordained President Abraham Lincoln’s destiny. He was ordained to be President at the right time. He had to abandon all the pain experienced in life, to move on and continue his political career.

Most people would have stopped and given up. What is your dream? It will come to pass. What is it that you need to move on from? Who is it that you need to move on from? What thoughts or emotions have you not moved on from? What is it that is keeping you from reaching your full potential? Isaac moved on and experienced breakthrough. December is bringing your breakthrough! You’re too valuable to allow anything or anyone to hinder you from reaching your full potential. Moving on is necessary to experiencing God’s best in every area of your life.

I declare December is going to be a great end to 2017. I declare our 2018 will be better than you could have planned. You were born to accomplish all God destined and ordained for you.

God Bless,

Pastor Mark Brown


Faith City Church