Karen and I have spent almost every one of our adult Christmases managing church observances and worship. Now our children live away with their children and we are free to celebrate Christmas as we wish. What we wish to have is a deepening experience of the rebirth of innocence and love.

We give each other presents all year, so there is not much of that. We prefer to keep a short party list and we have yet to find a Christmas Eve service that feels like Christmas to us. So all the hoopla about gifts and parties no longer figures in our plans.

Our big gift is the Christmas video card that we send to all of our friends which features a video of the Cedar Park Christmas Tree and some sort of thought that seems appropriate.

We have good food, candles, good wine, a fire in the fireplace and quiet music and we have our own worship service where we meditate on the blessings we have. Chief among those is our love for each other.

We also give thanks for all the friends we have around the world. We are truly grateful that we can look back on a year of achievement and growth and look forward to a new year of surprises, new opportunities and new ways to give service.

Part of this evening will be spent making phone calls to our family and closest friends and remembering those wonderful events over the past twelve months that have brought so many blessings.

Finally, we focus on re-discovering our own rebirth to a new spiritual childhood that promises to show us deeper ways to follow the paths that God creates before us.

We have discovered the meaning of the Course in Miracles lesson that teaches “we need do nothing.” By following this we discover that our spirits are gracefully led exactly to the lessons that easily teach us what we came here to learn.