ROUNDTABLE: Science has a place in faith

Q: From your perspective as a faith leader, can faith and science co-exist in religious rhetoric?


Yes, and it seems obvious to me that this is so. People of faith rely on science everyday for health care needs to give one example. People of science may eschew faith expressions, but that is also a choice about faith as well. The atheist I know have been very thoughtful about faith issues in coming to their positions on it.

Whenever we believe the two are at odds, I believe we are dismissing the benefits each can bring to our lives.

Science provides an avenue to explore creation in every measurable facit. Faith allows us to ask questions about beauty, love, meaning, and even the importance of science.

Given my background in mathematics and science (I have a master’s degree in mathematics) and given that I have also been a person of faith, it has never occurred to me that these are conflicting domains.

I am a better person for having explored each during my life and I expect I will continue to do so.