Share the cheer this holiday with our world class Leander ISD team


With 75 instructional days of the 2017–18 school year complete, I want to encourage our most significant supporters to take time this holiday season to recharge, and I also want to ask our community to share some holiday cheer with our educators.

During my school visits these past three weeks, I enjoyed seeing the festive decor in our classrooms and campuses, as well as our educators’ focus as they wrapped up the fall semester. The day-to-day routine of a school year can be taxing on our teachers, instructional and support staff, who strive to help each child reach their potential every day.

Whether it is your child’s teacher, a relative or a neighbor, if you know an educator, please do me a favor and thank them for everything they do for our children.

Please also thank members of our Leander ISD team who serve students in support roles, including employees who keep our buildings maintained and clean; who welcome our stakeholders on the phone or at the entrances to our buildings; who hire and support employees; who pay our bills; or who serve students with transportation or meals.

Children need a caring learning environment to thrive. We have passionate professionals in several walks of life who choose to work in public education because they truly care for our schools and our community.

Share some kind words or a handwritten note if you know a member of our team. When the children in your household return to school in January, ask them to say “thank you” to their bus driver, custodian, cafeteria worker or anyone else they encounter who makes our schools operate.

If you are a member of our Leander ISD team reading this column, please know I care deeply about you and your family. I hope you have a truly relaxing, meaningful holiday and take time for yourself and your family. Come back to us safely and recharged for the remaining 101 instructional days. Our students are counting on all of us to be at our best as we come together with one purpose, as one community, for #1LISD.