Thanks through giving


How often in your life have you considered fresh vegetables or apples to be a treat added to your diet?

When locals in need show up at Hill Country Community Ministries for groceries, those are the kinds of things that bring smiles and feelings of being blessed. Let that sink in.

If your family does not struggle that way, count your blessings. Do not be ashamed, but also do not look down on those less fortunate. Remember, we all struggle at times. Be thankful and look for ways to help those in need.

Slowing down to be thankful for all the good in our lives is something far too often left out of our busy schedules.

This time of year we do better at showing our thanks, though, by reminding friends and family what they mean to us. We display our gratitude for the good things in life and the strength to manage the challenges and pitfalls during the holidays better than at any other time.

It is important we do not stop with words of thanks, but mix in the deeds of giving that share our good fortune with others. We must remember that it is the giving spirit that best shows our thanks.

For most of us, our own struggles in life can seem monumental and burdensome, but how often do we stop to size those up against the struggles of others? That is the moment we can point to and say we should truly be thankful for all we have. Nothing brings home the reality of our own good fortune like truly understanding the difficulties others cope with.

We tend to think about having more, rather than being thankful we do not have less. We rarely measure ourselves against those with less, instead looking up at those with more and displaying our envy. Such comparisons make it difficult to remember how blessed we may be, even if it is with simple securities and comforts.

If we focus on those less fortunate, our own gripes seem petty and frivolous. We should give of ourselves – be it our time, money or talents – so we can experience the satisfaction of having done something selfless by sharing our own blessings with others.

During this holiday season look for ways to give of yourself to others in our community. Hill County Community Ministries is a great way to give, through assistance or volunteering.

If you know of another opportunity to give, share it with the Hill Country News staff so we can share it with others and bring all the blessings and talents of our community together for the benefit of all.