Williamson County Elections

WilCo voters approve $447 million bond election


Voter turnout for odd-year General Elections has always been low. Road bond elections and proposed constitutional amendments never excite voters the way elections for governor or president do.

That said, Williamson County voters surged to something of a high water mark for last week's election.

"Yeah, I'd say for this kind of election, turnout was historic," said Williamson County Elections Administrator Christopher Davis.

In all, 49,422 ballots were cast last week, 14.36 percent of the 344,244 Williamson County residents who are registered to vote.

County voters approved $412 million in road bonds by a 62.5-37.5 percent margin, and $35 million in park bonds by a margin of 59-41 percent.

Davis noted no significant problems with Tuesday's election, except that a group of poll watchers, unsure about their duties and responsibilities, briefly delayed the release of early vote totals.

"The voting machines came in and we got everything tabulated and the results posted a little before 11 o'clock," he said.

Williamson County Commissioners are set to canvass the votes 10 a.m. Monday.