Williamson County man charged with cruelty to livestock


A Williamson County man has been charged with three counts of cruelty to livestock after a tip led Williamson County officers to rescue more than a dozen starving horses.

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody said Jesse Gonzales, Jr., 69, was arrested and charged after sheriff's deputies and animal control officers seized the neglected and mistreated horses at Gonzales' home.

"The animals were found in very poor condition and thanks to the tip we received our deputies were able to save most of the horses," Chody said.

One of the animals could not be saved.

"If you look at their eyes, you can almost see it from the pictures, the misery," Chody said.

The ailing horses were taken to the Live Oak Veterinary Clinic in Liberty Hill for treatment, Chody said. The clinic refused to comment on the horses’ condition.