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Maybe the Texas Tribune heard our calls to "make government boring again" as the start of the Texas legislative session held a nice and boring opening day — a marked contrast to last week's riots in the U.S. Capitol. We include this commentary here to give our readers a sense of what happened during the legislature's first day in session. more
Calls for unity, after 147 members of the U.S. Congress tried to overturn the election, after they amplified the very lies that led a mob of insurrectionists to sack the nation’s capitol, are … more
I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the madness afflicting our national election results has filtered its way into our back yard. Disappointed, perhaps. But not surprised.Last month, Robert … more
In a normal year, Medicaid expansion is a critical win-win in terms of healthcare and economic impacts. In the midst of a global pandemic, it is unfathomable that Texas leaders would refuse to adopt … more
Back in the before times, I covered the twice-monthly meetings of a small county commissioners court (in those particular before times, I also covered a school board and a city government).During the … more
Small community newspapers like ours stopped endorsing candidates for office decades ago. Even when our voice could make a difference, we’ve found there is no upside. Indeed, our endorsement of a … more
Last week, it was my pleasure to lead a reporter’s round table discussion during a regional press convention of mostly small, weekly newspapers.It was all virtual, of course — isn’t everything? … more
We all have that one person who follows us on social media who we dread to see that posted something on our time line. If we’re lucky, it’s only one.You know the fellow. Could be an uncle or … more
Way back when, when I published the newspaper in Taylor, we dreaded Friday night.That’s when we could count on a visit from Williamson County Sheriff deputies — about the only time we could count … more
The process of making city government sausage is supposed to be boring. It’s not supposed to be a fast-moving, thrill-a-minute, train wreck that throws accountability and good sense under a partisan bus. more
With local coronavirus infections and deaths spiking locally, every mayor in Williamson County on June 30 responded by passing new emergency orders mandating commercial businesses must require … more
I know when this year got wrapped around the axle. It was that culture war over a danged chicken sandwich. That’s when this year went off the rails.According to this itinerary, the one on this … more
Last week, a Williamson County city council heard from members of the county’s public health leadership team. It was a pretty frank, stark exchange.After one council member stumbled around for … more
Here in WilCo, we are in the midst of a dangerous spike in Covid-19 infections. We only have a few tools available and, like it or not, wearing a face mask in public is one of them (this is my current scold). more
There’s a new-ish phrase making the rounds along with the pandemic and all of the protests and rallies against police brutality.“De-fund the police.”Yes, some people are calling to abolish the … more
It’s not often that I am at a loss for words. But, here we are … early on a Tuesday morning, decidedly past my deadline, and I remain at a loss.Saturday morning, I was all set. I knew that I … more
We are all in this together, all of us living on this tiny blue ball falling around an insignificant yellow star at the edge of a galaxy’s spiral arm. more
The lack of clear, consistent, metric-based communications from our local, state and national leaders irritates nearly everyone who needs to forecast what the other side of this pandemic looks like. Or the metrics we need to hit to get there. Small business needs that guidance. more

As some pandemic doors are slowly opened, others are getting kicked in. Either way, individual choices are quickly replacing the weeks of government instructions about what and what not to do.

The idea behind staty-at-home was not to stop the spread. It was slow it down to make sure that when you catch it, there will be a hospital bed for you. more
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