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Editorial: Arizona's recount fiasco imperils America's elections

The far right's undermining of American elections is an ongoing threat to the nation's future. An Arizona state Senate-commissioned "audit" of November ballots is not just a regional farce, but an …

Editorial: The NRA vs. reality: The gun lobby cannot hide from cold facts

This isn’t a sentence we get to type often, but here goes: The truth is catching up to the National Rifle Association and its boss Wayne LaPierre as they attempt to evade accountability yet …

Editorial: Unity and progress: Mitch McConnell leaves no doubt they’re fundamentally incompatible

On the 106th day of the 1,461-day term of Joe Biden, a man who earned more votes than any president ever elected and who from the start has aspired to unify the nation and backed up that rhetoric …
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Analysis: Judge legislators by what gets their attention — and their neglect

When this legislative session comes to an end on Memorial Day, Texas will still have more uninsured residents than any other state, and a higher percentage of uninsured residents, too. The Texas …

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    • An open letter to Cedar Park voters

      An Open Letter to Cedar Park Voters We have a city election on May 1. Early voting will begin April 19 and conclude on April 27. 

    • LETTER: Conservatives only?

      I had not been to the YMCA in quite a while since COVID-19 started.Two weeks ago I thought I would try it again.  I walked into the exercise …

    • Cruz must resign

      I was a cadet fourth class (freshman) at the Air Force Academy the last time our nation's capital was attacked. I was only seventeen but had …

    • Taking the news to heart

      I appreciate every issue of the Hill Country News but I really hope readers take the November 26, 2020 issue to heart.  My View ("Are we going …