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Editorial: Texas is the king of energy states. Why can’t we be sure the power will stay on?

Ah, the rituals of a Texas summer: A run through the sprinklers. A hot grill and a cold beer. A trip to Dairy Queen. Add to that cranking up the thermostat, frantically shutting off electronics …

Editorial: The frustration with the new US disinformation board? Too little information

The most troubling problem with the Biden administration’s new Disinformation Governance Board is how little information the government has released about it. The Department of Homeland …

Editorial: The perverse logic of capital punishment

Singapore’s execution last Wednesday of a mentally disabled Malaysian man for drug smuggling sparked international protests and outrage. Executing a man who no longer threatens his government …
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Commentary: Trade schools are an equally respectable option as traditional 4-year colleges

The days of having a college diploma guarantee a good job have long been over. More and more, college graduates are not only seeing employers shrug their shoulders at diplomas, but also the job …

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