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Guest Editorial: Texas book ban plan must be shelved

Teenagers seem more interested these days in being on social media apps than reading classic novels.But on those rare occasions that a 14-year-old may actually want to pull, say, "Lonesome Dove," off …

Guest Editorial: Big name-brand companies benefit illegally from migrant child labor

The Biden administration says it will crack down on the use of migrant child labor at U.S. plants and factories serving some of the nation’s biggest brand names. Think well-known consumer brands …

Guest Editorial: Lawmakers must ask, why should taxpayers bail AG Ken Paxton out on this screw-up?

It sometimes seems that there is no check on Attorney General Ken Paxton’s malfeasance and ineptitude.So, we were heartened to see House Speaker Dade Phelan declare that Paxton would have to …
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Commentary: Empowering Lago Vista and beyond: A call for local economic reinforcement

This past November, I was honored to be sworn in as a Councilman in Lago Vista after a decade of serving as a staffer in the Texas Legislature. Perhaps few know how much legislative staffers get to …

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