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Editorial: As US posture weakens, China's threat to Taiwan grows ominous

President Joe Biden’s administration could soon have its foreign policy mettle tested like never before as China boosts its military aggression against Taiwan while proceeding with its naval …

Editorial: Facebook won’t explain its widespread outage

The algorithmic gods in charge of Facebook broke down after the bad news. On Monday, less than 24 hours after whistleblower Frances Haugen made allegations of unsavory practices by the social …

Editorial: Just 51% of Kansans are vaccinated, but GOP COVID committee will focus on ‘freedom’

Republican legislators in Kansas have formed something they call a Special Joint Committee on Government Overreach and Impact of COVID-19 Mandates, ostensibly to examine orders requiring masks and …
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Analysis: A quick turn on property taxes with the long game in mind

Property taxes are higher in Texas than in all but a handful of other states. Voters know that, and when voters are interested, so are the people who depend on those voters for political …

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