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Lizzo and Letterman swap Minnesota memories on Netflix show

Thank goodness David Letterman isn't taking retirement too seriously.

8 reasons we're still reading mystery writer Agatha Christie after 100 years I've had the good fortune to fall in love with Agatha Christie's murder mysteries twice.
Autumn is here! Freshen up your fall reading list with 6 new paperbacks The leaves are turning, the air is crisper, the bookstores are open ... and you need a new paperback, don't you? Here are six freshly minted ones for fall reading.
Laura Lippman invites us into 'My Life as a Villainess' Laura Lippman's new essay collection, "My Life as a Villainess," couldn't be more timely. Given the selection last week of Kamala Harris as the Democratic vice presidential candidate, we're in for three months of pundits droning on about her likability.
Laurie Hertzel: Where to begin downsizing when you have thousands of books? My husband and I might move. (Then again, we might not.) As we spend more and more time in our house, thanks to pandemic work-from-home mandates, we see its flaws, and we dream of perfection.