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Nearly 14% of new U.S. COVID-19 cases are recorded in Texas

Texas’ coronavirus cases now make up a significantly higher proportion than its 9% share of the nation’s population.

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Texas will delay work-search requirement for unemployment benefits

The Texas Workforce Commission decided Tuesday to postpone reinstating a work-search requirement for out-of-work Texans receiving …

As Texas businesses reopen, COVID-19 case totals are rising. The state says hot spots like prisons and meatpacking plants are key factors.

The 14-day trend line shows new infections in Texas have risen about 71% in the past two weeks.

Abbott rolls back more Covid-19 restrictions on business

Governor Greg Abbott Wednesday announced the third phase of the State of Texas’ plan to safely open the economy while containing the spread of COVID-19.   Under Phase III, effective …

Texans could receive up to a year of unemployment benefits under second extension of aid

The state triggered an extended benefits period, adding an additional 13 weeks of unemployment starting in July. It is the second benefits extension this year.

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