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Texas teachers say GOP’s new social studies law will hinder how an entire generation understands race, history and current events

When Texas teachers return to their public or open-enrollment charter school classrooms later this year, a new state law will restrict how they can discuss current events, encourage civic engagement …

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With time running out, Texas Legislature still at impasse on GOP elections bill

Heading into the last week of the special legislative session, the partisan standoff over Texas Republicans’ priority elections bill is no closer to a resolution in Austin.

Texas lawmakers used MLK’s words to attack critical race theory. MLK III says his father’s work actually supports it.

As dozens of teachers and students waited earlier this month to testify on a Texas Senate bill that would halt new legal requirements that students learn white supremacy is “morally …

‘The gold standard’: Special elections in Texas, Ohio to test power of Trump’s endorsement

Upcoming special elections for the U.S. House in Texas and Ohio will serve as a barometer of just how powerful former President Donald Trump’s endorsement — currently the most coveted in …

CDC wants more vaccinated people and schoolchildren to mask up — but Texas keeps it voluntary

Citing new evidence that the delta variant of the coronavirus could be spread through rare “breakthrough” infections in vaccinated people, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control …

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Lack of progress in treating COVID causes worry for unvaccinated

A stall in treatment advances for COVID-19 has raised concern among medical experts about unvaccinated people, who still make up half the country, and their likelihood of surviving the coming wave of …

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