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Hot Tokyo days and nights: Sweltering Olympics brutal for athletes

It wasn’t just the unrelenting sun. Or the sluggish air, wet and still and settling close to the ground. By midday the canoe slalom course at the Summer Olympics, a man-made …

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High School Sports

From Rouse to Texas, Jared Southard continues to grow

Texas pitcher Jared Southard has had a lot to root for this postseason. 

Metro Sports

Austin FC signs Argentinian attacker Sebastián Driussi

Sebastián Driussi is officially an Austin FC player.

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After UT-Austin signals a Big 12 exit, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick moves to create a Senate panel focused on college sports’ future

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants a new Texas Senate select committee to study the athletic and economic impacts other colleges in the state will face from the University of Texas at Austin’s …


Broken wrists, twisted necks and concussions: The brutal nature of Olympic diving

Olympic divers look at the pool a little differently than the rest of us. They see angles and molecular attractions and cohesive forces. They recognize the unfortunate circumstances …