Lack of progress in treating COVID causes worry for unvaccinated

A stall in treatment advances for COVID-19 has raised concern among medical experts about unvaccinated people, who still make up half the country, and their likelihood of surviving the coming wave of …

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Nearly every ICU bed in Central Texas filled amid COVID-19 surge, officials warn

In Central Texas, an 11-county region home to more than 2 million people, nearly every ICU bed has been filled amid a recent surge in COVID-19 cases. Health officials in Austin on Friday warned …


California says federal ‘let it burn’ policy is reckless as wildfires rage out of control

Volunteer fire chief Kathy Catron wants answers about why the Sugar fire ever grew large enough to burn her town, why it wasn’t put out before it exploded and turned …

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Target giving another $200 bonus to front-line workers

Target is once again paying front-line employees a $200 bonus to thank them for their work over the past few months. On Thursday, the Minneapolis-retailer announced the bonus will be awarded to …