The POWER Of Second Chances

Posted by JamszKonnect

It is never too late to change anything; there is no point that is too low to come back from, and there is no opportunity lost forever. There is POWER in the hindsight of 20/20.

Jamsz Konnections is pleased to partner with Young Journey. Young Journey and partners provide educational and training opportunities to under-resourced youth and families through programs, events and initiatives, empowering young entrepreneurs in the areas of business, financial literacy, health and wellness and sustainable development, strongly encouraging parent, family and community engagement. The organization provides a platform for Pre-K through young adults who are challenged with obstacles that block opportunities for them to be healthy and successful. Young Journey gives voice to these innately talented youth, who are eager to learn, succeed and give back; training young minds in the areas of entrepreneurship, media arts and sports. Learned transferable skills include wise risk taking, managing results and learning from the outcome. Young Journey curriculums are designed to enhance life skills for use in any field helping participants to achieve their goals.

Please join us for a day of inspiration and encouragement for you to find the value and power of a second chance.

Join our featured speaker, James R Nowlin with our guest speakers, Sara Hickman, Richard Hellen and Shawn LIvingston along with Emcee Quita Culpepper

Doors open at 9:00AM

This is a family friendly event. We invite ages 5 and up to attend our events. We look forward to sharing the day with you!!!

Event Date
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Event Location
St. Edward's University
3001 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX
Jamsz Konnections,